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Jack Nagrani DDS, Hanford Family Dentist

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We here at Dr. Nagrani’s  dental office in Hanford, CA, understand how valuable your time is. We’ll work together to design a treatment plan that meets your oral health goals. We invest heavily in state of the art technologies like Digital Radiographs, lasers,  and Same-day crowns to facilitate your treatment. Our personable staff strive to make your Dental experience an extremely pleasant and memorable one!

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Dr. Jack Nagrani D.D.S, Cosmetic & Family Dentist



Dr. Jack Nagrani D.D.S, Cosmetic Dentist

“Selflessness begets Happiness,
Optimal Health sustains it!”

Hanford Dentist
Dr. Jack Nagrani
Cosmetic Dentist

Hanford Dentist, Dr. Jack Nagrani D.D.S, Cosmetic Dentist

Dr.Jack Nagrani completed his Dental training at the University of California, at Los Angeles Dental School. He also completed an additional optional Residency at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center.

Dr. Nagrani is a “technophile”, in that he has invested in advanced technologies and equipment to provide better Dental Care. He has spent many hour pursuing advanced Dental education in Orthodontics, Implantology, Bone Augmentation, TMJ and Occlusion, and considers himself an ongoing student of Dental Health.

Inasmuch as the discipline of Dentistry is a fine balance of achieving Oral Health and restoration to ideal form and function, Dr. Nagrani’s background in art has enhanced his ability to create beautiful smiles and transform lives.
Dr. Nagrani’s has showcased many of his wood carvings and paintings, to wit, his oil and watercolor paintings have won art competitions.

In addition, Dr. Nagrani is proficient at playing the guitar, and composes his own music (he played in several musical bands while in high school and college).

Away from the Office, dr Nagrani is an avid hiker, and has spent many weekends hiking scenic Yosemite National Park.

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What our Patients say about us....

  • By the time my treatment was complete, my personality had changed. I was more outgoing and much more confident. I spoke my mind more, and laughed even more, although that was never too much of a problem. I couldn't have imagined how great it all would have looked when it was finished. Dr. Nagrani did a beyond amazing job. It is so great not having to worry if I am smiling too much or if the camera is getting my left side. Now when I smile, I REALLY smile.
    Jennifer Toledo
  • You've got that magic touch that we love so much, If it wasn't for you, we would have no teethl So now we are happy from our head to our feet! Your office and girls are all so great, To find your office was our fate. We love Carol and how she makes our teeth shine; She gives us new toothbrushes for the rest of the time. We are working on our bill as fast as we can; You have our address or we would have ran! You are on our "To Do List" for the New Year; So we will happily come in with very little fear. Our best wishes and thoughts go out to you, And your professional staff, Best Wishes too!!!
    Jack & Suzanne King
  • Dr. Nagrani, your skill fixed not only that front tooth issue but also helped me in correcting other imperfections in my smile which I wanted to correct for the longest time. BRINGING SEXY BACK! To set down and write this letter seems to little for what you have done for me, but I am so glad to do so. You and your Staff in your Office have always treated me so kind and you're the GREATEST!
    Paul Rohrbaugh
  • I was so happy to find that Jack Nagrani was warm, funny, likeable, friendly--you get the picture. He listens. He is a wonderful guy - a family man - AND, my second favorite thing, he has a good sense of humour. (The more important of course is he's a good Dentist) Thanks Dr. Nagrani. We love ya! (And he even gave me surgical gloves when I couldn't find where to buy them - what other dentist would do that?) Thanks again.
    Shirley & Bob Mendes
  • Dr. Nagrani, you know just what to say to calm me down when I start feeling anguish. I thank you for always being there. You don't find too many dentists who will sit with their patient until she is calm enough, before he starts working on her. You are one of a kind, and I thank you for that. As long as there is a Dr. Nagrani and Staff, you will always have a patient named Linda Smith.
    Linda Smith
  • I personally have gone through cancer since he has been my dentist and he has given so much support and genuine concern in how I feel. He has always made me feel special and even said "Hi" to me one day in the grocery store. Now, I know that sounds silly but, I don't know of too many doctors that take the time to say "Hi", let alone, ask me how I was doing. That confirmed to me that he was one special doctor!!
    Randy & Carole Skaggs
  • I have a very friendly son who has "Special Needs." When I made the initial appointment I explained his situation and would they even see him as a client? Immediately I was told "of course." As long as we have been there Kyle has been treated by
    Dr. Nagrani
    and his staff with the utmost respect and care. This has meant a great deal to me. And I appreciate all he has done for my family as well as caring for my teeth. He always has a smile and hello, no matter how busy he is. He is truly using the gifts that God has given him, and it is a joy to see! Thank you. Rating: 5
    Candi, Darryl & Kyle Koelewyn

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