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High Blood Pressure in the Dental Office

It seems like the most recognizable physical feeling in a dentist’s office: the chair tips back, your blood pressure climbs. Is that dangerous or just a natural reaction to what you are experiencing? As it turns out, high blood pressure in any situation, let alone the dentist’s office, can be…
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easy, NO GAG, dental molds!!

Lets face it!….NOBODY likes getting dental molds taken. Wether it is for diagnostic, Orthodontic, or for Crown and Bridge purposes, that mouthful of gaggy goup, aint nobody’s cup of tea!! Enter the TRIOS Intra Oral scanner. A small handheld “wand” of a camera that takes multiple HIGH DEFINITION pictures of…
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No Pain (or gagging) X-Rays!

So, we got this super duper X-Ray machine that takes Digital X-rays from OUTSIDE your mouth….thats right, no sharp edge x-ray film, or hard plastic sensors bruising the insides of your mouth, or teary eyed gagging anymore. All you have to do is gently bite down on a plastic pin and hold…
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