• You WILL be treated with respect and courtesy!
  • You will be treated as we treat ourselves, and our family (…only the ones we like).
  • You will be honored, and so will your choice in electing Dental treatment options.
  • We will check on your insurance benefits as a courtesy to you, and relay that estimate to you before commencement of treatment, so you know beforehand if you need to sign your house over to us….or children.
  • We will impress you with our ability to deliver fast and comfortable Dentistry to you and yours.
  • Our people are nice….VERY NICE!! (we know this from thousands of Google & Yelp reviews, and feedback)
  • If you have a Dental emergency, we will get to the root (Ok,..haha..) of the problem that very same  day.
  • We are always ready to help other folks that you send our way, but only if they are as nice as you!
  • Your overall health, not just Dental health is of concern to us.
  • If any of us have not behave with this credo, SHAME ON US! Please let us know, and the offending person will be forced to watch 23 hours of continuous Presidential Debates…..
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