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What Is a Dental Laser?

Dental lasers are multi-purpose tools used to help treat several different issues that may affect your oral health. Today’s dental lasers utilize different wavelengths of light to provide the necessary treatments in a safe, quick, and reliable manner. For example, during a surgery, a dental laser takes the place of the scalpel. In doing so, it becomes a tool that “cuts” or vaporizes soft tissue around the procedure site. A dental laser can also be used during a tooth-whitening procedure, enhancing the effect of bleaching agents. Dental lasers have also been used to help treat tooth decay and gum disease and has been used to assist with biopsies or lesion removals.


Dental Laser Benefits

You should always discuss potential procedures with your dentist. However, there are several benefits associated with the use of dental lasers.

Previously, certain dental procedures required the invasive use of a scalpel. This meant they also likely required stitches. As with most operations, this means swelling, pain, and potential infections were all possible side effects. With a dental laser, however, this is not so. In fact, while some may still require a local anesthesia, dental lasers have helped to reduce healing and painful side effects.

You may find it encouraging to know that dental lasers are also beneficial for those who have blood disorders, such as hemophilia. While you should make sure your dentist is aware of any blood disorders prior to surgery, dental lasers naturally help encourage coagulation of the blood.

For those who avoid their dentist’s office out of fear, the dental laser makes an ideal tool as well. For some, the sound of a dental drill can trigger severe anxieties that prevent necessary treatments. However, a dental laser will not produce this fear-inducing sound.


Dental Lasers with Dr. Jack Nagrani

At the dental office of Dr. Jack Nagrani, we use the DEKA CO2 dental laser to augment traditional procedures. This state-of-the-art dental laser is safe for use on all patients, including children. This allows Dr. Nagrani to provide his patients with faster, more precise dental procedures that require less time for healing.

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