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Digital X-Rays: An Overview

X-rays are also known as “radiographs”. Today, they have become an essential part of any dental treatment plan. These high-resolution and detailed images provide more than just a snapshot of your teeth. In fact, they are able to look much deeper, providing your dentist with an in-depth view of your teeth, bones, and supporting tissues.

Digital x-rays typically fall into two distinct categories. Intraoral x-rays are those that are taken inside of your mouth. Extraoral x-rays, on the other hand, are those taken outside of your mouth. Intraoral digital x-rays are the most common type taken by dentists.


The Benefits of Digital Diagnostics

Unlike traditional x-rays, the digital versions used by dentists have a 90% reduction in radiation. They also do not require the use of harsh chemicals. This means that they are much safer than the traditional versions used elsewhere.

Because digital x-rays are able to permeate the exterior surface of your gums and teeth, they are great tools for identifying issues that go beyond the façade. Digital x-rays help your dentist to identify the scope of decay and the condition of your tooth roots, as well as the health of your jawbone, the status of developing teeth, and much more.

Digital x-rays also help save you from unnecessary appointments, surgeries, and other dental procedures. Because they provide such a thorough rendering of your mouth’s health, these x-rays often instantly provide what dentists need to see in order to determine the best treatment plan for you in just one visit.


Digital X-Rays with Dr. Jack Nagrani

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. Whether you have avoided the dentist’s office for years or make regular semi-annual visits, Jack Nagrani Dentistry, Hanford CA can help you improve your oral health. With the use of modern diagnostic tools, like the digital x-ray, Dr. Nagrani can save you time, money, and unnecessary appointments.

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