Teeth Whitening FAQs

People with stained or discolored teeth can benefit greatly from professional teeth whitening. Having your teeth whitened with the assistance of a professional dentist will improve and brighten your smile.

Consider a professional teeth whitening treatment if your teeth are not whitening or improving after brushing them daily or using over-the-counter products. They create beautiful smiles that last.

Professionals have advanced products, knowledge, and skills that enable them to do a good job. They can also advise you on how to keep your whiter smile or teeth after treatment, as well as the best over-the-counter, safe, and effective products to use. The following are some frequently asked questions about teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is used to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth. It is one of the simplest and most effective methods of teeth whitening. You can whiten your teeth safely with the help of experienced professionals and the right treatments.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The method used determines the duration of your teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening can last anywhere from six months to three years. If you use over-the-counter products, the whitening will last for a few months.

It also depends on your way of life. Another factor that contributes to long-term whitening is maintaining good oral hygiene.

How can I prepare for teeth whitening treatment?

It is advisable to go through a cleaning routine with your dentist before undergoing a teeth whitening treatment. Cleaning is necessary to remove bacteria and plaque, which can interfere with the whitening gel by making it uneven. When you go to your treatment with clean teeth, you will get the best results.

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures is professional teeth whitening. It aids in the removal of discoloration, stains, and dullness. It is the most effective way to improve your smile. High-quality products and processes are used.

Is teeth whitening safe with over-the-counter products?

There are numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments available. The American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance is awarded to the most effective. The remaining products, such as bleaching agents, are dangerous because they contain chemicals that can cause irreversible damage.

You should consult your dentist to see if the home remedies are safe and effective. Professionally recommended products are the safest because they have sufficient knowledge of their benefits and drawbacks.

What is the cause of stained or discolored teeth?

There are several factors that contribute to tooth discoloration. They include smoking, age, dental hygiene, and the foods and beverages you consume, such as coffee, dark beverages, and wine.

However, some causes are under your control, while others, such as age, are not. As we age, the enamel wears and deteriorates, resulting in discoloration. Brushing your teeth with FDA-approved toothpaste can help to reduce discoloration. You should also consult your dentist about better ways to keep your teeth whiter.

How many shades whiter can I expect my teeth to get?

Teeth whitening treatment results cannot be predicted because they vary from person to person. Using the whitening shade guide, whitening should be six to twelve shades lighter in general. It is also determined by the degree of discoloration and staining on your teeth. If the stains are deep, you can use more whitening treatments to achieve better results.

What happens during teeth whitening?

When you visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening, he or she will instruct you on how to use a tray to cover your teeth and then a specific type of light to enhance the whitening effect of the gel used.

Is the treatment painful?

You will experience some sensitivity during and after the treatment, which is not expected to last long. If you experience tooth sensitivity, you should notify your dentist so that they can advise you on how to handle it.

Who should use teeth whitening treatment?

Many people wonder whether they should get their teeth whitened. If you have healthy gums and teeth, you should think about getting the treatment. It is the most effective and safest method for removing stains and discoloration and brightening your smile.

Why is professional teeth whitening better than other options?

Professional treatments use a more potent formula, you will see results faster than with over-the-counter products. Over-the-counter products will take longer to improve your teeth.

Does teeth whitening work on dentures or veneers?

Veneers and other types of restorations are not affected by teeth whitening. It is used to lighten the tooth enamel. After the treatment, you will be required to replace the veneers or dentures with new ones that match the color of your teeth.

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